What is the 
Lady Redneck Country Club 

It's a way for you to become a part of Lady Redneck's Private Team!
"Lady Redneck Country Club" is an elite private membership group that 
enables you become a large part of country music history.

Many of you buy LR merchandise, crowdfund CD's, and share Lady Redneck's posts. 
For $97 a month, you can literally be a part of the journey. It includes:

* A T-shirt upon signing up.

* A SURPRISE BOX EACH MONTH with a new CD, DVD, merchandise, a poster, or whatever is new on the website for the month. Everything will be signed and you'll receive a handwritten note inside as well. Lady Redneck will be packaging them herself!

* Personalized Cameo each month sent to your email or Facebook!

* Lady Redneck Country Club Facebook and/or Instagram Group - whichever you prefer of both! 
This is ONLY for those who are part of THIS specific Subscription group.

* You'll have access and be able to send messages on Messenger or Instagram.

* You'll be able to help with the songwriting for her CD's and have your name mentioned on EVERY CD!

* You'll get a Christmas Card

* Birthday Card

* FREE TICKETS to all Lady Redneck shows

How do you join?

Simply fill our your information!  

It's $97 a month to sign up.  
This will be debited from your account each month.  
You can cancel at anytime!  

Upon signing up, you'll be sent an email 
welcoming you with further instructions
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